Horse Before the Car

Valentina by Victory Tischler-Blue (c)
Valentina by Victory Tischler-Blue ©2010

The delivery of gasoline to the far reaches of the West allowed for outliers to scatter about the desert and led to all the gorgeous photos of the remains of old fueling stations in Victory Tischler-Blue’s Spot Photo Works exhibition. Before the automobile, however, was the horse.  Tischler-Blue has long had a love-affair with the horse, both in terms of having a few of her own but also in forming a deepening photographic relationship with the animal. From photographing the Andalusians in her care to wild horses in the deserts of Nevada, Blue’s strong connection to the animals brings about both intimate and passionately vibrant images. The quietly poetic Valentina (above) is available in an edition of 10, printed on 20×30 paper. 1/10 is offered matted and framed (at 28.75 x 37.5)  $1700.  Numbers 2/10 & 3/10 – $1250 unframed.

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